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B Science超低温冰箱

About Us

B Science Global are PREMIUM manufacture of laboratory equipment based in Denmark. We work in one big team across our different departments of R&D, production, marketing, sales, logistic & service. Change & Challenges is what motivate us.

It is our mission to become a leading, trusted brand with the highest quality in life science & the pharmaceutical market. We provide our customers & user with product solutions that meets their demands, all while it is keeping them, the samples and the environment safe and healthy.

Our vision is to support global health. We want to have good worldwide impact on health, safety and the environment, change & challenges is what motivates us to develop new products & ideas that help us to reach our vision


B Science Global是总部位于丹麦的高级实验室设备制造商。 我们在一个大团队中工作,包括研发、生产、营销、销售、物流和服务等不同部门。 改变和挑战是我们的动力。 

我们的使命是成为生命科学和制药市场中领先的、值得信赖的高质量品牌。 我们为客户和用户提供满足其需求的产品解决方案,同时保证样品和环境的安全和健康。 

我们的愿景是支持全球卫生。 我们希望在全球范围内对健康、安全和环境产生良好影响,变化和挑战是我们开发新产品和新想法的动力,帮助我们实现我们的愿景  

Global Responsibility

We are always looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business, being manufactures we have the power and responsibility to do so. In B Science this is an integrated way of thinking in every decision, idea and development that are made by anyone that is working in B Science. What we change today – will be our legacy tomorrow


我们一直在寻找新的方法来减少我们业务对环境的影响,作为制造商,我们有能力和责任这样做。 在B Science中,这是在B Science中工作的人所做的每一个决定,想法和发展中所采用的一种综合的思维方式。 我们今天所改变的,将成为我们明天的遗产  

Our Production

The foundation of B Science is built after GMP (Good manufacturing practice) guidelines to ensure that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Through our GMP we are able to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

GMP is of the highest priority for our company and every employee of B Science. It is the optimal way that we can ensure ourselves, our partners, and the user of our equipment, that each single component used in every single equipment we produce, has the highest quality consistency that can be validated and traced back at all times. Our key focus helps us throughout our whole supply chain, to optimize and continually analyzing every aspect of our company and processes. 

In this way B Science Product Lines directly contributes to ensure the lowest possible risk involved in Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare and Industrial laboratory production that cannot be eliminated through testing.


B Science的基础是建立在GMP(良好生产实践)指南之后,以确保我们的产品是按照质量标准持续生产和控制的。 通过我们的GMP,我们能够将任何药品生产中所涉及的风险降到最低,这些风险无法通过最终产品的测试消除。  

GMP是我们公司和B Science每一位员工的首要任务。 这是我们能够确保我们自己、我们的合作伙伴和我们设备的用户的最佳方式,我们生产的每一个设备中使用的每个单一组件,都具有最高的质量一致性,可以在任何时候验证和追溯。 我们的重点帮助我们贯穿整个供应链,优化和持续分析我们公司和流程的每个方面。  

通过这种方式,B Science产品线直接有助于确保将生命科学、制药、生物技术、医疗保健和工业实验室生产中无法通过检测消除的风险降到最低。  


Creating an environment that actively embraces the diverse knowledge and experiences of our colleagues is an important part of our company culture. We strive to connect our teams in new and innovative ways and continuously improve the work experience through targeted feedback.


创造一个积极包容不同知识和经验的环境是我们公司文化的重要组成部分。 我们努力以新的和创新的方式连接我们的团队,并通过有针对性的反馈不断改善工作体验。  

Change & Challenge is what motivate us

We believe that we shall challenge and change ourselves continuously to meet the constantly growing demands from the market. This is the reason why one of our mantras is “only dead fishes follows the stream”.


我们相信,我们将不断挑战和改变自己,以满足市场不断增长的需求。 这就是为什么我们的咒语之一是“只有死鱼才会随波逐流”。


At B Science, we value innovation very high which is one of the reasons why most of our staff have an engineering background. We aim to be the most innovative lab equipment manufacture in the world that understands the needs and can see the upcoming needs in the market as well. It is crucial for us to have a very high level of smart thinking in all our products. The motto of B Science R&D department is “if you can think it, we can make it”.


在B Science,我们非常重视创新,这也是为什么我们大多数员工都有工程背景的原因之一。 我们的目标是成为世界上最具创新力的实验室设备制造商,了解需求,并能看到市场的未来需求。 对我们来说,在我们所有的产品中都有非常高水平的聪明思维是至关重要的。 B Science研发部的座右铭是“只要你能想到,我们就能做到”。  

B Science超低温冰箱